We are incredibly grateful for our talented contributors who have made the first issue possible.
Find out about them below. 

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Nina Børke

Award winning Norwegian designer and advocate of animal rights Nina Børke is the mind behind Werksemd. A design studio she describes as "work and artwork, a geographically independent pursuit and a lifestyle."

Gwendal Le Bec

Gwendal is a french illustrator and writer living in New York. He loves a glass of wine with his lunch. His work is full of humanity and critical humour, which he feeds with an impeccable and nuanced view of our contemporary social and political condition.

Jan Kallwejt

Barcelona based illustrator and father of his four-legged son Lui Parson . He likes to spice things up with a healthy dose of abstraction, humour and occasionally slight perversion.

Laura Berger

Laura is a visual artist living and working in Chicago.  Her current work is centred around the ideas of inclusion and interconnectedness, featuring figurative imagery and dreamlike, minimalistic environments. She likes to travel around the world and sit by the ocean.

Jocelyn Tsaih

Jocelyn is an illustrator, animator, and egg eater based in New York City. Her creations have keen eye for moments of continuity and rupture between the human and the environment. She daydreams about warm weather when it's cold and cold weather when it's warm.

James Perolls

James Perolls is a photographer, originally from Brighton, England and is currently based in Berlin. Entirely self-taught, he loves capturing people’s true personalities on camera. He has ventured in fashion and portraiture, depicting various subjects in a range of editorial contexts.

Tara Aghdashloo

Tara Aghdashloo is a London based storyteller.  She writes and makes films. Culture, critical theory, the politics of art and the art of politics are running themes in all of her work.

Amy Zion

Amy is a writer and curator living in New York. For 8 years she served as an editor at Fillip, a contemporary art magazine based out of Vancouver. She has curated  exhibitions, lectured classes and written for many publications.

Richie Culver

Richie is a London based British artist with exploratory and improvisational approach to making art. He has exhibited in Tate Modern, Protein Studios and Art M among others.

Christopher Jonassen

Christopher is an internationally recognised fine-art photographer based in Norway. He divides his time between personal projects and teaching graphic design and photography.

Paloma Lanna

Paloma is a photographer and fashion designer from Barcelona. She is behind the project Paloma Wool, where she displays her love for analog photoraphy and personal style. She has a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to creation.

Elisabeth Rognved

Elisabeth is a writer, yogi and communications advisor at Norwegian Reading Centre at the University of Stavanger.

Bardia Koushan

Bardia is the founder, editor, creative director and designer of Autodidact magazine. He likes to take photos, draw and design. He has lived in Iran, Norway, Spain and England. He tries to bring people together through creative projects.

Massimo Leardini

Originally from Cattolica, in the Italian Province of Rimini, Massimo Leardini has been living and working in Norway since 1987 and became one of the most sought-after photographers in Scandinavia. His unique aesthetic and sensibility captures the human body in harmony with the Scandinavian landscape look and give to his work a timeless look.

Nojan Komeylan

Born and raised in Tehran, Nojan moved to New York and studied philosophy at Eugene Lang College of The New School. Nojan approaches philosophy as a struggle to overcome the troubling gaps between theory and practice in the social setting of human conditions despite- if not embracing- the failures on the road.

Martyn Reed

Martyn is the founder and creative director of the Norwegian NuArt Festival. He is the winner of 2016 Stavanger Culture Award for his efforts for making Stavanger a ‘street art city’.

Ash Koosha

Iranian born multi-instrumentalist composer, record producer and film director. He describes himself as a futurist, pushing boundaries of music and technology.

Jane Flett

Jane Flett is a writer, philosopher and cellist who has a particularly daring approach to creation. She's won various awards and has been commissioned for BBC Radio.

Andrew Khosravani

Andrew is an animator and Illustrator originally from London currently living and working in Madrid. His work is known for its friendly and loose style, working by hand to integrate surreal imagery with fluid motions to communicate complicated ideas.

Johannes Høie

Johannes is a Norwegian artist living in Oslo. He likes to combine old drawing techniques with modern means. His works vary from small format to large murals.

Siavash Eshghi

Siavash is the sub-editor of Autodidact Magazine. He has extensive experience of editing texts in academic and non-academic settings, and always gets a buzz when working within the arts and the creative industries. Siavash has a degree in economics and a PhD in international law.


Negar Shaghaghi

Negar Shaghaghi is an AI researcher, writer and and graduate of philosophy specializing in
philosophy of mind, artificial intelligence and technology ethics. She has been the creative director
and long time collaborator of Ash Koosha, sharing with him the enthusiasm for future, cinema and
challenging the status quo.

Maren Serine

Maren is an Oslo based writer currently working on a short film project experimenting with journalism through performance in press-related contexts. She was editor at monDieu, an online contemporary artist collective where she now has a column. She is also the Executive Editor of the publication by Uncontaminated Fashion Art festival.

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