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Autodidact Magazine is a twice yearly creative publication focused on telling personal stories around a common theme. In each issue we choose a topic, and invite thinkers and creators from around the world to deliver an honest and personal perspective guided by their own experiences.


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Autodidact means 'a self-taught person'. They are often curious people with a diverse and eclectic set of interests.

In an overwhelmingly eclectic and interconnected digital world, it is becoming increasingly common that creative professionals move from discipline to discipline. The Internet has expanded the range of our interests and technology has made it easy for creatives to pick up new skills.

 Inspired by this change, we felt there was a need for a magazine that tackles creative industries as one fluid cross-disciplinary field.

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Our second issue will come out Autumn 2018 and features 120 pages of carefully selected and specially commissioned interviews, photo series, illustrations, art, design, fiction and observations.

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Watch our Kickstarter video below to find out more how we got started.


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By carefully studying and selecting a coterie of talents that produce exciting and original work from around the world we invite you to consume slower and better information. We value the printed matter and think that paper reflects the worth of the ideas on its pages. The tangible experience makes the difference between a communication online and one that endures and sits on the table.

Tremendous care and effort has gone into choosing the right paper with specific qualities that enhance the tactile experience of the reader while staying true to our ethical and environmental beliefs.